About us

"We want to participate in the boom of renewables and combine them with recycled materials"

We are a start-up company of three friends and recent graduates of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU. With our products, we want to become the leading supplier of load-bearing structures for photovoltaic panels on flat roofs in Central Europe.

 Aleš Bašta

 Vít Bašta

Miroslav Dvořák

Win in Jihoczech competetion

At the end of November 2022, we managed to win the Jihoczech competition with the idea of RPM constructions, which is looking for the best business plans from the entire South Bohemian region. The competition was of high quality, but our project attracted the attention of all the evaluators from the ranks of representatives of the South Bohemian Region, JVTP, JHK, Czechinvest and the executive of the South Bohemian company Hugo Bike, as well as all the guests from the business. The competition was a great experience for us, which brought us a number of interesting ideas for the further direction of the company, a lot of new contacts, and most importantly, public awareness of us and our products. You can learn more about the competition here.