Mounting systems for PV panels for the flat roofs 

Our mounting systems are suitable for any type of flat roof. They are easy and quick to assemble, variable in setting different distances between panels, compatible with most panels available on the market.

Mounting systems types


The South type mounting systems are intended for photovoltaic fields oriented to the south. GPM South offers a panel tilt of 15° and can vary depending on whether or not they contain a so-called deflector that reduces the effects of wind on the entire photovoltaic array.


West-East mounting systems are designed for photovoltaic fields oriented to east-west. West-East systems offers panel tilt option 15°.

Why RPM?

Fast and easy installation

Low price

Innovative and patent protected system

Dimensional variability with respect to panel size

Produced in Czech Republic

We are your reliable and fair partners

Our systems are sustainable thanks to the materials used

The structures are electrically conductive, so grounding the PV array is quick and easy

We will calculate the complete installation parts list for the given project and at the same time the load plan

Used material

Geopolymer - constructions GPM

Material also referred to as artificial stone

In its appearance and production technology, it resembles concrete in comparison, however:

  1. It has higher strength and other mechanical properties => components made of geopolymer can be smaller and therefore lighter
  2. It is more chemically resistant
  3. It is non-flammable and withstands temperatures up to 1200 °C
  4. Production is more ecological, as CO2 production is reduced by approximately 80 %

Advantages of the material used

Environmental friendliness

Bonification of public institutions when obtaining grant titles

Tested material

Long service life

Resistance to environmental influences

Easy handling and transport due to low weight

No need for surface treatment

Stable price compared to volatile metal materials

RPM detailed

The structures consist of a minimum number of parts and are supplied with complete accessories for installation. Thanks to the appropriate design of the main components of the systems and their low weight, only a minimum number of workers is required to assemble our systems.

All holes and grooves are already prepared in all components, so assembly is very quick and easy. You can see this in the videos.

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